Tilt-Up Construction

C.E. Doyle is an industry leader in concrete tilt-up design and production techniques. Having constructed millions of square footage of projects across the Midwest, we push the boundaries on what can be done with tilt-up. As a result, we can produce panels that satisfy the needs of most building types.

What is tilt-up construction?

With tilt-up building techniques, concrete elements such as walls, columns and structural supports are cast horizontally on site. Once the panels are formed and cured, they are “tilted” into vertical position with a crane and braced into position. After that, remaining structural components are put in place, and tilt-up elements are secured.

Tilt-up is far less labor intensive and faster to build than conventional systems. In fact, most tilt-up projects can be created in 35% less time than structures requiring large crews and supporting equipment. Our shelter system allows us to work year-round, even in sub-zero temperatures.

While we can build your structure using conventional methods, C.E. Doyle believes our Thermomass tilt-up wall panel system is far superior for most applications. Tilt-up building systems also offer enormous energy savings.

Our tilt-up services

  • Tilt-up panel design (insulated and non-insulated, composite and non-composite panels)
  • Planning and logistics
  • Construction and installation of tilt-up panels

Benefits of C.E. Doyle’s tilt-up building system

  • Efficient construction practices
  • Limited site disturbance
  • Attractive appearance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Increased day lighting
  • Long, clear spans
  • Low maintenance
  • Sound transmission
  • Fire endurance
  • Economical solutions