C.E. Doyle provides consultation, analysis and recommendations to contractors, owners and architects for special structural-related problems that arise during construction. Some of our services include:

Schematic design

The client’s requirements are clarified for each project, and preliminary studies are developed, tailoring the architectural concepts to the structural systems and function of the proposed facility. Cost estimates and comparisons are generated when required to assist in the selection of the structural system.

Design development

A structural system is chosen from the preliminary studies. The system is then refined, analyzed and developed to establish its size and character. Special efforts are made to create a system that employs simplicity of the structural system and consistency in detailing. A sensitive approach is utilized to recognize the requirements of the related engineering disciplines, the architectural parameters and the owner’s needs.

Documentation phase

Working drawings and specifications are produced to clearly define the structural system. Special efforts are expended in this phase to produce the highest possible quality of documentation.

Construction phase

Advice and review is provided during the pricing process, and shop drawing review and periodic site inspections complete the coordination of the structural construction.

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